Level 1 - Beginners

-Working with the many components of Dreamweaver:
Document window, floating palettes, menu bar & status bar, property inspector, HTML source inspector
- Setting the root folder and basics of HTML
- Creating banners and images.
- Optimizing images and saving / using different file fomats: Jpg, png, gif, pdf
- Creating the Template(s) and setting the Editable regions
- Creating the content pages based on the Template
- Setting the Navigation bar links

- Working with Tables and Divs: - understanding the table options, creating rows and columns, splitting table cells
- Creating Rollover navigation (menu) links
- Creating Dropdown menu links
- Everthing you need to know about links and setting different link types

- Everthing you need to know about CSS
- Creating CSS styles and css pages
- Attaching various CSS styles to different templates and websites
-Colour backgrounds, image backgrounds, tiled backgrounds
- Creating Image Gallery pages
- How to create Slide shows with the lightbox effect

-inserting a Google map into your contact page
-Everything you need to know about Online forms
-Creating the layout of different Form types
- Creating php forms with validations
- Inserting a CAPTCHA at the bottom of your form
-Testing your forms

-Test: creating a basic website from scratch
-Application: Incorporating everything you have learned
- Preparation for Calvin's WebClass level 2
-Presentation: Certificate of Level 1 Completion



Level 2 - Advanced

Step 1:  
How to register your new website with Google Webmaster Tools
- Understanding how SEO works
- Understanding the difference between On-page and Off-page SEO

Step 2:  On-page SEO
-creating unique, accurate page titles
-exploring and improving snippets of search results
-choosing keywords to use to get page 1 ranking in Google Search
-creating description and inserting keyword meta tags

Step 3:  SEO considerations when Linking Pages
- Linking: anchor text / Alt tags for Images
- Using keywords in the URL of your website pages

- creating roll-over effects for images and buttons
- creating pop-up meassages using action scripts
- creating an i-frame to capture content from other relevant sites
- creating animated GIFS for slideshow banners


Step 1:  How to create a Microsoft Excel CSV spreadsheet  with  your email address list
- how to populate your spreadsheet with your list of email addresses
- tips on how to grow  your list (adding  new addresses monthly)

Step 2:   How  to sign-up with Graphicmail (bulk email provider)
- how to set up your free account
- features of the account (500 free emails)
- uploading your CSV list to the Graphicmail Server
- how to remove duplicate addresses, bounced and unsubcribes.
- how to send test emails (eg to 5x emails) from Graphicmail

Step 3:   How to create good Newsletter content
- catagorizing snippits of information like:
a) industry news
b) your products and services
c) happenings or events
d) your social media (Facebook and/or Youtube)
e) your signature
- how should the  newsletter layout be structured
- setting your links to specific landing pages within your website

Step 4:   How to design your emailer Template
- working with standard Graphicmail templates
- how to create your own unique template design with Dreamweaver
-working with all the design elements: Tables, Images, Text and Links
-how to upload your own Dreamweaver design and edit it inside Graphicmail

Step 5: How to send your bulk emails and analyse the reports afterwards.
-making use of a check list before you send
- how to monitor your response analytics:
namely, how many people opened and how many clicked through to your website.

Step 1: How to create a Facebook Business Page
-how to edit the privacy settings
-how to create Albums and catagorize them
-how to create a unique Facebook URL for your business
-how to link the Facebook icon on your website to your Facebook Page
-How to define your Facebook Page Goals

Step 2: How to build Fans & get LIKES from scratch
-how to get  your Page on people's radar when you're starting out
-understanding the importance of being Liked
-tips to make your Page more ‘visible’ to people who has Liked your Page
-comparing Facebook Notifications with Page Feeds

Step 3: How to manage and maintain your Facebook Page
- how to manage Admins
- posting:  tips that Inspire Engagement
- tips to get more comments, likes and shares
- how to insert  links back to your website when posting
- The 6 do's and 3 don'ts of constructing an engaging Facebook post
-how to use photos more effectively

Step 4: Understanding how to monitor your Facebook results
-Analytics: Using Facebook Insights to monitor progress
-how to monitor the Reach that your posts are getting
-how to place text on top of photos
-how to TAG photos to increase your Reach
-how to track the number of LIKES you are getting
-how to increase Like by making use of competitions
-tips on how and when to use competitions

- testing what has been learned
- refreshing and clarifying content that you have questions on
- making use of assistance after the course should you need help

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