What does it mean to you to be a Leader?

Leaders are focused on their long-term vision and not the set-backs which they have come to regard as merely temporary.

Many people do not think of themselves as leaders, yet they fulfill leadership roles everyday, eg. you are the leader of your life; you are the leader of your family etc. Situations and people depend on your decisions which could change the direction of your life or relationships, whether positive or negative. 

Gentle reader, before you can change the direction of your life to be a successful business owner, you have to make a mindful decision to act and to live like to leaders do. But what do I regard as true leadership?

It is simply the awareness that you are the captain of your ship.  In other words,...
you take responsibility
of your own life and its outcomes. Leaders, never blame their circumstances for the results they are getting -they do not make excuses.

Leaders are focused on their long-term vision and not the set-backs which they have come to regard as merely temporary.

Once you make up your mind to act like a true leader each and every day, your goals will become much easier to achieve because the people around you will naturally be inspired by your words and attitudes and this will motivate them to support you.

I have unfortunately seen so many small business owners lose confidence when they experience a downturn in their business.

They often lack the ability to adjust when needed and, more often than in the past, act tough to their staff inappropriately, out of context and in a spirit of frustration.

They stop trusting and stop listening to their staff and do not treat them as a team and this causes a downward spiral effect.

What to do about this?  The answer is simple but difficult.
You, as the leader must implement a process, system or a way of always remaining in tune with the following two factors:

  1.  The changing facts within the field of your responsibility ie. if sales fluctuate, you must be in tune with clients and suppliers alike.  You must be able to detect possible changes early so as to deal with processes before it becomes a major problem.

  2. The constraints, obstacles, challenges of your relevant responsibility, together with the negative perceptions of the people around you at any given moment.  Why?  Because these impact directly on everybody’s attitude.

Once you are “in tune” with your business environment and all the many people’s attitudes and viewpoints, you can assess, plan and take up your leadership role and act with confidence amidst the storm.

You can then communicate your direction, beliefs and plans to your team, clients and suppliers with clarity in such a way that you continually raise the believability levels among them that together you can take them and get them to succeed with you no matter the obstacles.

Leaders continually focus and re-focus their business on the vision and the destiny of where they are moving towards..

Let us get up each morning with the awareness that there is a true leader inside each
of us
which we can “habitualise” in our business.

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